Antitese - Micalogic


Keeping our artist catalog on the top level here in Out Of Home! Go To House! Records we got the Portuguese tech maestro Mikalogic coming up next with his "Antitese" EP. Not many words are needed to describe the man's career and musical standing as he's previously released his music on some of the biggest label of the scene, like Suara, Defected, Noir and CR2 amongst others, scorching the Beatport charts with top 10's and even a no.6 place on Beatport overall.

"Antitese" is definition of the deep-tech house sound, with layering vocals painted all over the track, truly a masterpiece that meets Out Of Home! Go To House! Records highest standards on house music. A dub version of the track is also included in this pack and, as always, it wouldn't have been concluded without a strong remix pack. We got the Austalian powerhouse and owner of Trojan House, master James Petrou, remixing this but also we got two more exceptional talents, Ad Mark and Urban Flex, putting the final touch on the remix package. One thing you need to know about this release. Sorted!


Label: Out of Home! Go to House!
Release Date: 25 / 04 / 2016
Catalogue: OOHGTH008
Artists: Mikalogic, James Petrou, Ad Mark, Urban Flex
Buy: Stay Tuned!