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Shany Ray & The Art Of Percussion

Shany Ray a.k.a. Zoran Jankovic (Swiss/Germany/Serbia/Greece) is a fusion of an 28-years journey through the world of music. From Jazz to Latin, House to Techno, Tech to Minimal, Ambient, Ethno-chill ... all-in-one!

After visiting Tel Aviv in `91 and be on one of the first events from the City Series by Global Underground with Tony De Vitt and inspired with some other`s techno and electro music Dj`s Shany Ray started played in clubs around the Europa and Nord America.

Berlin, Frankfurt, Athens, Belgrade, Budapest, Paris, Barcelona, Miami, L.A., NY ...and clubs like Tresor, U60311, Cocoon, Temple, Douala, Space, Mondmilch Bar, Dachkantine, Supermarket, Cafe Del Mar, Nikki Beach, Ministry of Sound and, festival`s ...
From then on, he become welcomed artist all around the world ... 

Gayle Sun, Dr.Motte, Len Faki (Lamonde), No Rabbitz, Sven Väth, Tony De Vit, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Dj Vee Rush, miss Anna Maria Harakopou (AMX) and many many more…are just some of the artist with who Shany shared the stage till now and supported with life percussion beat´s ...including studio work for film and theater production by Universal Music Studio`s (USA)

Today Shany Ray is working for his " studio percussion and drums development project-The Art Of Percussion" and  resident percussionist-artist and live-act for the Greek/USA label "OutOf Home-GoTo House“ together with the founder and co-owner No Rabbitz aka Konstantinos Tsifetakis from Sitia/Greece and same label co-owner Vynal K. 

...breakdown of "Random Noise Music Label" (co-founder/owner) in the year 2015, Shany Ray started  new art-label “BehindWaves“ summer 2015 Shany Ray supported/play for the first time in Greece live with AMX aka Anna Maria Harakopou (Proton Radio, HomeBase Radio, Best Radio 92.6, +Soda Club) the together work and stage-mood is soon coming back to you in progress! 

Previous interworking was among others in:

-U60311( Frankfurt, Germany) 
-Coocoon Club (Germany)
-Douala (Ravensburg),
-Climax Institutes (Stuttgart, Germany) 
-Reset KN (Lake of Konstanz)
-Supermarket Zürich
-Reaktor Winterthur(Swiss) 
-Dachkantine ZH (Zuerich-Swiss)
-Mazzo Amsterdam (Holland)
-Kazantip Republik (Ukr.)
-Love Parade Berlin
-Psychonauten KN
-Crazy Poeple & 5vor12crew (Swiss/Germany)
-OutOfHomeGoToHouse NYC/GR
-Spirit Zone Records (Germany)
-Universal Music Studio (USA)
-Radio nrj (France)
-Radio Fm (Austria)
-SunshineLive (Germany)
-Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany)
-Streetparade Zürich
-ZOOM Festival (Swiss)
-Nafpigio (Crete Greece)
-Belle de Nuit (Germany)
-Nachtlichter (Germany)
...and many more!

As well as with the following artist:

Gayle San (GSR,U60311), Len Faki, Carl Cox, No Rabitz /Out of Home-Go toHouse Records/, Anna Maria Harakopou (AMX) ,Matthias Mondmilch (5vor12 crew), Michael Peschke, Maggie Sirikit (djanesirikit), DJ Vee Rush (RandomNoiseRecords), Human Log (GR), The Painter (CH), LayLina aka Dimitris Petrakis (Greece), D-Nox (D-Nox&Becker), Patrick Zigon, Daniel Stucki (Ecklektic Sounds), Dj Dani W. Groovecomplex (DNA Rec., HönngerClan, Crazy People), Seen&Hoeren ...and many more!

A list of names, that not only speaks for itself but could be written further on. Therefore it seems easier to round up all the locations, artists, music directions and experiences in one name: The Art of Percussion.

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