Onana is an artist and a songwriter. Just like any son of a priest, he spent most of his childhood singing in church choir. It can easily be said that he fell in love with music from his childhood.

Few years ago he moved to Greece, he has managed to make himself know to wide variety of crowd, since he has been rocking the stages of the biggest and most successful clubs in Athens and all over Greece.

As a party promoter, he has organized parties with and for different clubs and universities too. Cheerful as he is there is no better place for him to be than on the stage getting everyone crazy with his powerful energy.

He has been able to rock all the islands of Greece including the small cities. He was also one of the finalists in the "Greek has got talent". Not only sexy and muscular but above all he is a pure gifted and charismatic singer. People love him because he is simple and easy going. Spreading love and positive energy everywhere he goes. If you have not met him before, for sure you will notice him around because of his smile that comes straight from the heart.

Since summer 2012 he moved to Sweden, he has being able to get most of the clubs in Stockholm and south of Sweden (blekinge) jumping under his madness. It can simply be said that he is unstoppable with his unique style. Onana, has also been able to write nice lyrics like, "i wanna be", "real love", "goodlife", "mr glass", "i need u", "life", "A new day", "feel this pain" and many more.

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