Out Of Home! Go To House! Record Label Eighth Release:


Antitese - Micalogic

Keeping our artist catalog on the top level here in Out Of Home! Go To House! Records we got the Portuguese tech maestro Mikalogic coming up next with his "Antitese" EP. Not many words are needed to describe the man's career and musical standing as he's previously released his music on some of the biggest label of the scene, like Suara, Defected, Noir and CR2 amongst others, scorching the Beatport charts with top 10's and even a no.6 place on Beatport overall.

"Antitese" is definition of the deep-tech house sound, with layering vocals painted all over the track, truly a masterpiece that meets Out Of Home! Go To House! Records highest standards on house music. A dub version of the track is also included in this pack and, as always, it wouldn't have been concluded without a strong remix pack. We got the Austalian powerhouse and owner of Trojan House, master James Petrou, remixing this but also we got two more exceptional talents, Ad Mark and Urban Flex, putting the final touch on the remix package. One thing you need to know about this release. Sorted!


Label: Out of Home! Go to House!
Release Date: 25 / 04 / 2016
Catalogue: OOHGTH008
Artists: Mikalogic, James Petrou, Ad Mark, Urban Flex
Buy: Stay Tuned!
New Interview at IVoice:
Vynal K & No Rabbitz: "We really enjoy making records that involve folk sounds & traditional instruments..."
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Out Of Home! Go To House! Record Label Seventh Release:


Make Way - Dousk & JMP

Up next on Out Of Home! Go To House! Records we got Dousk. Ioannis Ntouskos hailing from Greece is a veteran player in the game having previously released his music on huge and legendary imprints like Bedrock, Vapour and Proton Music. Teaming up with fellow Greek producer JMP on this EP, another longstanding artist with a respectable release catalogue under his belt, they deliver the "Make Way" EP, a nonetheless exciting track bound to shake any dancefloor's foundation. OutofHome! GoToHouse!


Label: Out of Home! Go to House!
Release Date: 21 / 03 /2016
Catalogue: OOHGTH007
Artists: Dousk, JMP, Mattik, Petros Odin, Arche


Out Of Home! Go To House! Record Label Sixth Release:


This is Grexit - No Rabbitz

Out Of Home! Go To House! Records returns with another yet much anticipated release, this time featuring a solo track by the label's founder and co-owner No Rabbitz. "This is Grexit" has been killing all dancefloors throughout the summer and now it is time for a proper release. A genuine tech house groove featuring a clarinet solo that gives a greek scent and a different edge even to the most demanding ears. On the one hand of the remix duties we got a man that needs no introduction as he' s already released his music on first class labels such as Cadenza and Society 3.0, we welcome Robot Needs Oil a.k.a. Leão, presenting a more summerish version of the track with bells, congas and balearic grooves. On the other hand we got a remix from none other than the label's co-owner and musical director Vynal K, approaching the track in the ways of techno. Out mid-October on every major store. Last but not least, we got Junior Pappa from Viva Music and Antonio from A2ltd concluding the remix package.


Label: Out of Home! Go to House!
Release Date: 03 / 11 / 2015
Catalogue: OOHGTH006
Artists: No Rabbitz
Remixes: Robot Needs Oil, Vynal K, Junior Pappa, Antonio

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